How To Play And Win At Blackjack?

Blackjack is one of the games of chance that offers its players the best chance of winning, despite this, you must know enough strategies, tips and recommendations to be able to achieve this and take advantage of the low house advantages of the game (minor 0.5%).

The first thing you should know to be able to play and win at blackjack is what it consists of. The blackjack is a game of chance in which British cards are used, ie, which includes 52 cards with no wild cards .

The main purpose of this game is to reach 21 points (or the closest value) by adding the cards that are had, if any player goes over 21 they automatically lose that round. The player with 21 or the closest score wins the round and takes the pot (bets placed).

There are many strategies recommended by experts and acquaintances in the game, some of them are more effective and others less, but the truth is that playing blackjack depends only on the strategy that you can best use, that is, it is a matter of going Testing until you find the right one and the one that allows you to earn more money.

An important thing that you should know and always take into account are the percentage of probabilities that you will have to pass when asking for a card, for example, if you have a 15, the probabilities of adding more than 21 are 58%. On the other hand, if you are 11 or under, there is no way you can go overboard.

To win at blackjack we not only have to follow the simple game strategies that we can read and achieve, we can also take advantage of some rules of the game that are not so well known, such as, for example, side bets.

Side bets have more to do with chance and guessing than knowledge, that is, you add a little more luck to a game of strategy. These bets simply consist of predicting any of the cards that the player or the dealer’s cards may receive.

It is true that in this case you would not believe us based on our experience, our knowledge and the strategy you may have, but, in the same way, many are the people who manage to guess and win money with secondary bets.

The most common side bets are: the safe bet, the perfect pairs and 21 + 3. But you can also find other side bets such as, for example, the real game, more or less than 13, super sevens, lucky ladies, among others. .

Blackjack is a game that allows its players many opportunities to win, secondary bets are usually used only when we think that everything is lost, that is, when you believe that it is impossible to save a round due to a good streak of the dealer or because he has blackjack . It is simply something that you should know and perhaps add to your game from time to time, one of the ways to bet on this game that not everyone knows.